The Power of Breath

Of the number of things I do not like, and am constantly working on, is the agitated surge of negative or critical or judgmental thoughts that can grab hold of my mouth and pollute the air around me, soiling the relational connection of the person I am with.

When that burn fires up my belly and rises toward my gullet, I have to take action or suffer the consequences.   I will definitely have emotional/relational clean-up work to do.

I have been working on breathing through those surges while actively telling my mind, “Do not listen to this charged litany.”  My body is in distress and needs my full attention. It is contracting and constricting my vital life energy. It is time to bring back the breath of life to my body, which needs the loving care of focused breathing: four breaths in, four breaths out.

My left brain thinks I am under attack.  That fighting words are the way out.  I have to stop. A big stop hand. Nope. You don’t get my attention. My body does.

Amazingly, when I use focused breathing, my body relaxes and the tenor of my thoughts shifts. A sigh escapes my lips.

I dodge a potential moment of damage, just by breathing.

Try it . It works.

Kicking and Screaming into Surrender 2:


I am working on trusting the universe. It came in the form of my family. First there was grief for missing fresh powder skiing on New Year’s Day when the slopes are sparkly white and lightly peppered with colorful bobbing beings due to the majority of snow bums sleeping off their New Year’s Eve hangovers.  BUT, my husband eased my distress by suggesting a vision board date with our son and his wife.

Vision Board-1

A vision board is a pictorial representation of what one would like to manifest in the coming year. New Year’s Day was the only day M & L could join us. Voila! A precious date with three of my favorite people, (well, 3 ¾ people: L is 37 weeks pregnant today!)

We gathered magazines, scissors, glue, glitter, ribbons and poster boards. We had an event. The day dawned crispy cold, our bird bath frozen over. The ocean stretched blue as far as the eye could see. I breathed into the pleasure of life showing up on life’s terms and relaxed into it.  We called in the creations of 2016.

Last year, embedded in M’s vision board, was “planting seeds.” No baby on either of their boards but that desire was definitely made manifest! Wishing you a “Sweet 16!”

Kicking and Screaming into Surrender

The ecstasy of Surrender

I am reading Dr. Judith Orloff’s The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life. Her endorsements are people whose work I love and respect: Dr. Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, Doreen Virtue, and Ram Dass.

Judith’s opening about not fitting in, sounded like me.  A fellow empath, she spoke my language.  Surrender, she says, is the ability to be fluid, to bend like a willow during life’s storms and ensuing calms.  It sounded perfect, until my husband told me we could not go skiing next week because the freezing temperatures would not be good for our just- recovering lungs.  NOOOOO!

I have been waiting for three drought-filled years to ski.  Do I have to give this up?  It’s the best fresh snow we’ve had in years.  Where is the ecstasy? Where is the surrender?  Will let you know….